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Seminars in New York with Egyptian Masters!

Egyptian Superstars!

Egyptian Superstar Master teachers in New York every year here to train us!Train with the best Egyptian Bellydance teachers available!Egypt…

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New York Bellydance Classes

Egyptian Bellydance Classes with Nourhan Sharif!

Bellydance Classes in New York with Nourhan Sharif!Belly Dance Beginner Classes are open & ongoing!Proteges/Colleagues of Nourhan will teach when…

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Nourhan Sharif

International Bellydancer Extraordinare

Nourhan Sharif keeps expanding the educational & artistic horizons for Bellydance! Prolific, gifted, &…

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Music MP3s, CDs & DVDs

Music and Dance Tools!

Sharif music and DVDs exclusively at MAQAM!

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  Egyptian Born Superstar Trainers teaching 

in New York City 2017!

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Soroya of Cairo 

Raqia Hassan

Raqia Hassan


Ossama Faruk
New York City Workshops


Saad Ismail
New York City Workshops

Saad Ismail


Karim Nagi

New York City Workshops

Karim Nagi


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all the Arabic songs you were wondering about, now in English.
Also check out our new recommended reading page ( for dancers!)



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 Egyptian Born Bellydance Trainers below sponsored by Nourhan Sharif past & present!

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To know which teacher is available in each seminar, please visit our schedule.


Hasan Affifi |  Mohamed El Hosseny | Mohamed Shahin | Raqia Hassan |  Mahmoud Reda
Karim Nagi | Aida Nour | Denise Enan | Faten Munger | Lubna EmamZaZa HassanNevein Hussain
Saad Ismail  |   Dandesh | Soroya   | Tito | Farida Fahmy | Yousry Sharif    




Raqia Hassan 

Karim Nagi

Mohamed Shahin
Mahmoud Reda



      denise2        Denise Enan

Lubna Emam


Saad Ismail
Saad Ismail
Aida Nour
Nevein Hussain
Faten Munger
Zaza Hassan
Yousry Sharif
Yousry Sharif
Farida Fahmy
Mohamed Hosseny

Ossama Farouk



 USA Bellydance Trainers below sponsored by Nourhan Sharif in NYC!

                                 Valerick Molinary


Learn to Bellydance via Skype with one of the most sought after Bellydance trainers in the world !
Nourhan Sharif  breaks down movements in a simple & effective way & has trained many NYC bellydance superstars ... 
She is personable, with a no -nonsense attitude and has a method to train bellydancers that works !!! 
She celebrates a womans curves, grace, sensuality & all around feminine side.
At the same time she is often seen working her NYC students to their limits !
Teaching next to NYC Madison Square Garden she is in the center of NYC training the next generation of bellydancers in NYC ! "
Shut up and Shimmy Ladies (a quote she took from the great Habeeba in Ohio!) Start bellydancing today!

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Belly Dance in NYC Yallah !!  Welcome  to the Egyptian Academy of Oriental 
Dance, where Belly Dance superstar  Nourhan Sharif teaches Belly Dancing to 
New York  Belly Dancers on a  daily basis!  Want to be a professional  Belly 
Dancer   Nourhan is the perfect trainer!!   Nourhan has managed all  
Egyptian Artists, NY Weeklongs, CD & DVD productions since  1997.   With a strong 
background in Egyptian Dance,  Lebanese, Turkish folkloric &  cabaret dance, 
considered to  be the perfect expression of  her Ex Husband's Yousry Sharif's  
choreography, Nourhan is known internationally for helping  students 
absorb skills they need to pursue Middle Eastern dance! She  is devoted to 
teaching Middle Eastern dance as an performing art form, and  she is known 
internationally for her acute awareness of technique,  musicality, Arab culture, 
costuming, & stage presence. She has taught  and performed on  every 
continent .   Whether you want  to pursue belly dance as a hobby, art, or 
profession, you will have to  learn from Nourhan! She is training the next generation 
of belly dancers!  The Egyptian Academy of Dance offers instruction thru 
classes, lessons,  coaching, seminars, and workshops featuring the top 
Egyptian masters in  the field, including Faten Salama, Raqia Hassan, Soroya of 
Cairo,  Karim Nagi, Tito, Mohamed Shahin, Saad Ismail, Mahmoud Reda, Farida  
Fahmy, Aida Nour, to name a few :)   These are the best  superstars Egyptian 
Belly Dance has to offer! The  Egyptian  Academy also produces its own line 
of instructional DVDs and music CDs so  you can practice at home to music and 
routines. We are also home to  Sharifwear, Nourhan's all-original dance 
wear creations of belly dance  costumes, Belly dance Tops,  Belly dance pants,  
belly dance  skirts, jewelry, belts, club wear, salsa wear, tribal wear, 
gothic wear,  salsa skirts, tribal tops, gypsy skirts, tango dresses - 
everything you  need for divas that dance! They can be mixed and matched, not only 
for  Middle Eastern dance , ATS, Tribal,  Belly Dance Fusion, Ethnic  
fusion, but also Salsa, Tango, Jazz and Flamenco!  Wear them in  your  belly dance 
classes and when you perform bellydance to be  a real Belly Diva! 

Everything is designed by Nourhan herself! Troupe Orders & Private Label  Welcome ! 

Anything and Everything for the Belly dancer in NYC all under  one roof ! 

Belly dance NYC !

Nourhan Sharif,Oriental  dance