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Soraya Zayed ~ Direct From Egypt

Bellydance New York Egyptian Superstar Soroya Zayed    
Soraya is Cairo's new mega star ! After a tremendous success in Brazil, Soraya settled in Cairo in 2001 and pursued her work mastering the modern Cairo style. Raqia Hassan has been her mentor for the past decade and thus Soroya is an amazing example of Madam Hassan's training !  For the past decade, Soraya has been teaching in the "Ahlan wa Sahlan" festival and gained international respect!   Soraya successfully introduced some samba steps all the while preserving a typical Egyptian style. Her dance is unique, energetic and very expressive... 

From Nourhan "I just went to see Soroya at the Marriot in Cairo December 2010.  I was totally impressed at her interpretation of the music(15 musicians ) as she danced from the heart with so much feeling!!  I am not surprised that Soroya is dancing 2 shows every evening at the Marriot & Semiramis Intercontinental Nasir City ~7 days a week!  She is elegant, classy, graceful & everything a bellydancer should be ..she is at the top of her game right now and I am happy to present her in America for the very first time !  I also saw her class in Cairo & she was a patient and clear teacher !"

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