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Ossama Farouk

Ossama Faruk Egyptian Academy of Oriental dance
Ossama Farouk, known as Farouk to friends and colleagues, is an exceptionally talented, self-taught performer of Middle Eastern percussion. Egyptian-born, he has been playing the popular Arabic hand drum instrument named tabla (other names for this drum include darbuka, dumbek, doumbek) since the age of 5.

Farouk won many instrumental competitions throughout Egypt. He founded his own 14-member Middle Eastern band named Al Nogum (The Stars), shared the stage with top oriental dance artists and musicians, and was a lead percussionist at the famous Cairo Opera House for several years.

Farouk moved to the United States in October 2002 and was welcomed immediately by master artists and performers of Middle Eastern music. A great musical career flourished as Farouk recorded for and performed with not only the top Arabic musicians and singers in the US, but also artists who represented various genres of music; reggae, Latin, Greek, and Persian to name a few. Notable musicians, singers, and performers: Ishtar, Matisyahu, Georges Lammam, Samir Shukry, Smadar Levi, Rachid Halihal, Naser Musa, Avram Pengas, Raquy Danziger, Alfredo de la Fe, Yousry Sharif, Leila Haddad, and many more.

His unique, engaging style coupled along with his impressive and paramount technique on the tabla has allowed Farouk to perform all over the world in a vast array of musical environments and functions, including private celebratory occasions, workshops, dance theaters, concerts, and DJ performances. Farouk has performed in venues that included audience members Nicole Kidman, Donald Trump, Pussycat Dolls, Ciara, Cameron Diaz, Nelly, Ashanti, US ambassadors to various Middle Eastern countries, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and Mayors.

Farouk has performed in Madison Square Garden, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, Highline Ballroom, Trump Taj Mahal, Kennedy Center, New York University, University of the District of Columbia, Princeton University, Queens College, The Southern Theater, Joe's Pub, B.B. Kings Blues Club, and many more.

Farouk eventually added a World Music percussion set to his musical repertoire. Ever so dedicated to his craft, Farouk embodies what all musicians strive for; to constantly embrace and excel at all of the sounds, textures, and techniques of the world's rhythms.

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