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Egyptian  Born  Bellydance Superstar Dandesh is from Alexandria & dances regularly in the night clubs on Pyramid Road!!   She is fun, lively and her hips move like no one else ! Her Khalegy dancing is fabulous as she often has Saudis in her audience, she understands how to capture an audience and how to adjust on the spot to please the crowd before her ...an amazing-seasoned performer!

When she danced at Raqia Hassan's  Ahlan Washalan festival in 2002, she did a full oriental set and it energized & amazed everyone!  She has a great sense of humour and plays with her audience, a consumate performer she is not to be missed!

Egyptian  Bellydance Star Dandesh came to the UK with the Farha Tour and was the star dancer in the Cairo nights show in 2005.  She has traveled to teach and perform in many parts of the world ! Nourhan is pleased to invite her to NYC for the very first time to perform & teach in June 2011!