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Born in Egypt in 1953, Saad Ismail has been dancing for over 4 decades.  He began his training with a mix of ballet, modern and traditional Egyptian dance, while studying under Ali El Gendi in Alexandria.  Saad became a professional under the direction of Mahmoud Reda in Cairo.

In 1976, when he completed his Bachelorís degree in Sociology with specialization in Anthropology at the University of Alexandria of Egypt, Saad was also collaborating as co-director of the Group of Alexandria.  The next year he became involved in the group, The Popular Dance of Kharga, and was in 1978 appointed by the Egyptian Minister of Culture as its Director.  In 1979, he did a one year tour through France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Switzerland with the Company of Alexandria, which eventually brought him to settle in Italy.

There, in 1980, Saad founded the Nilo Dancers, near the Academy of Egyptian Culture. This group was designed to perform authentic Egyptian dances throughout Italy.  Throughout the Ď80s, Saad collaborated on numerous choreographies for the stage, film and television.  He ultimately founded the Raqs Sharqui School in the Anfitrione Theatre in Rome, in 1987.

Throughout the years, Saad has continued to choreograph for, dance and even act on stages and in films throughout Italy. Today, his signature theatrical style is reminiscent of his mentor Mahmoud Reda. He continues to perform large and small scale authentic choreographies with his company throughout Italy, and teaches both Oriental and Folkloric technique world-wide. 


For more information on training with this artist in New York CIty, please contact Nourhan Sharif at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it