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Yousry Sharif

Yousry Sharif was managed by Nourhan Sharif from 1997 thru  2009.  His career was molded by her at every aspect Bio, Websites, Photos, Everything!  He would put on Egyptian music and she would dance giving him inspiration for the next dance creation !!  For 2 decades they traveled the world and lived together sharing everything  until one day Nourhan received an email from his second wife along with her marriage  certificate!  She was beat up by him, needed money, & her nose broken ...Her name is Hoda. This has inspired Nourhan to write a book about her personal story involving the dance and all of the situations attached to it - the good and the bad - to be published in 2013! Inshallah to help other women to not go thru this painful  situation as it keeps repeating !